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Mathematics Optional by K . Venkanna Sir - IMS Institute ( Maths )

By: K. Venkanna IMS Add Your Review 1999 4999

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  • Publisher:K. Venkanna IMS
  • Language:English
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Product Description

Study material consists of 18 booklets and 4400 pages in all. Following topics covered and it has been shaped in booklet forms..


Book 1 :- Functions of several variables: Multiple integrals and their application.
Book 2 :- Partial differential equations, Numerical Analysis
Book 3 :- Real Number system
Book 4 :- Mechanics.
Book 5 :- Vector Spaces
Book 6 :- Vector Analysis, Vector Calculus;
Book 7 :- Interpolation
Book 8 :- Groups, Subgroups, Homomorphisms, Isomorphisms of groups
Book 9 :- Rings, Domains
Book 10:- Statics (Virtual work, Stable and unstable equilibrium, Strings in two dimensions)
Book 11:- Matrices
Book 12 :-Linear Programming
Book 13:- Riemann Integral, Beta And Gamma Function
Book 14 :-Sphere, 3D Geometry
Book 15 :-Differential Equation
Book 16:-Complex Analysis
Book 17:- Statics
Book 18:-Kinematics : Mechanics : Fluid Dynamics

about Study Material:–Material is to the point and very concise.It is designed for the mixed bunch of students (B.Sc,B.Tech), because their levels are different.It will be suffice for this exam and there is no need to consult any other book or any Kind of reference apart from the given material. It is very much updated and solely designed for mathematics.

Mathematics provides an easy opportunity for the aspirants to score sure shot marks on the subject. That is they can be sure of the marks if they have successfully managed to solve the problem. That is not the case with any analytical or theory based paper.


Packing of the parcel recieved was good.
Taping was done properly..the number of booklets and material quality seems perfect uptil now.
Good Notes..would update my reviews once I read them further.


Very nice notes , very useful..would totally recommend these for IMS


Good set of notes!